Rainwater Harvesting Tanks


(26,000 – 385,000 Litres)

All of our steel rainwater water tanks are delivered to site as a flat pack and are in most cases assembled within a day. From 24,000 to 300,000+ litres, all of Aquamate’s steel rainwater water tanks are available in a plain galvanised finish or a wide range of colours to match existing sheds and fences.

All Aquamate tanks are supplied with a 50mm outletinlet basket to connect your down-pipes, padlocked access hatch and removable light-duty ladder. Optional accessories are available for every steel rainwater tank to suit your specific requirements, including; level gauges, firefighting and pump connections, as well as additional outlets and overflows.

Have a look at our Rural Water Tank page for more product details, or download our Water Tank Brochure.

Why Choose an Aquamate Water Tank?


20 Year “No Service Costs” Warranty

Aquamate only use the best materials to manufacture steel rainwater tanks. High-quality materials mean we can be sure that the tank will last a long time – sure enough to offer a 20 year no-costs warranty when used for rainwater collection. Aquamate’s ‘No Service Costs’ Pro-Rata Warranty leads the industry and is supported by over 30 years of experience.




Galvanised Coated Steel Tank Shell

Aquamate only supply galvanised coated steel water tank shells. Constant contact with the condensation that builds up between the tank shell and liner means that Zincalume® tanks are just not up to the job – corroding much faster, even when used with sacrificial anodes.




Flexible Polyethylene Tank Liner

We use a solid food grade tank liner suitable for potable water use and certified to ‘NSF/ANSI 61:Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects’, as opposed to a coated mesh, because a solid liner is resistant to fatigue cracking and super stretchy – important characteristics needed for a durable water tank.


BPA Free

Exposure to BPA is a concern because of possible health effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, increased blood pressure and prostate gland of fetuses, infants & children. Our tank liners are AS4020 certified – suitable for contact with drinking water, which means you can rest assured that they are safe for you and your family. All of the liners that Aquamate uses are Bisphenol A (BpA) free.


Rainwater harvesting – looking after you and the environment

Rainwater that you might normally lose as run-off can be efficiently collected and re-purposed no matter what your requirements. With Aquamate’s Rainsaver gutter system you can capture rainfall from the roof of your tank along with your house or shed.

Aquamate’s steel rainwater tanks can be fitted with our proprietary Rainsaver gutter system that collects water from the roof of your tank and redirects it into the tank for later use. The extra rainwater from the roof of your tank, in addition to the area of your home or shed, can make a significant increase to the total rainwater collected.


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