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    Aquamate provide a range of containment solutions throughout the Oil and Gas process life cycle. Aquamate design, manufacture, install and maintain a range of large volume containment solutions for upstream petroleum industry applications, including:

    Aquamate’s range of tanks feature:

    Factory Fabricated, Single Piece Geomembrane Liners Reduce Defects During Installation

    Aquamate’s 12,000m2 Geomembrane production facility enables the unique capability to deliver large, single piece, factory fabricated liner systems. Fabricating our liners utilising in-house welding equipment within a controlled factory environment produces maximum quality welds with minimal seams. Aquamate’s single piece Geomembrane liners deliver rapid and reliable onsite installation with "Zero Leaks".

    Bolt Together Design for Fast, Safe and Efficient Installations

    Aquamate’s efficient bolt together design allows tanks to be installed quickly and safely by a four-person crew within a day in most cases, without the need for heavy lifting equipment. Utilising 2.4m x 2.1m steel framed wall sections, Aquamate’s 1.0ML water tank is able to be delivered in one truckload whereas the equivalent trailer-type frac' tanks require up to 16 truckloads for delivery.

    Environmental Best Practice – No Footings Required

    Aquamate’s above ground tanks require minimal site preparation for installation (clear vegetation and compact only) and minimal site remediation following tank demobilisation. Aquamate’s relocatable tank design requires no footings, reducing the costs associated with cultural and heritage approvals and site remediation at the end of the project, especially when compared to lined, regulated storage ponds.

    Enviro Liner™ Provides Outstanding Durability and Resistance

    All Aquamate above ground water storage systems are supplied with Enviro Liner™ Geomembrane liners that have chemical resistance properties providing reliable storage of a wide range of contaminated liquids to varying concentrations. This heavily fortified material, with its proprietary UV package, delivers the most durable Geomembrane available for exposed service applications.

    Individual Units up to 4.1ML / 26,000bbl

    Aquamate have standard tank sizes available in both 1.0ML (6,300bbl) and 4.1ML (26,100bbl) units. Should your specific requirement be outside our standard range, please contact us to discuss how Aquamate are able to assist.

    Range / Model Code Tank Diameter Tank Wall Height Nominal Capacity
    AFT063 23.6 m 2.3 m 980 kL / 6,300 bbl
    AFT261 48.2 m 2.3 m 4,100 kL / 26,100 bbl

    Accessories and Options for Every Application

    Aquamate deliver a range of optional complementary items for our lined above ground tanks, ensuring environmental compliance and best practice water containment for our customers.
    • Inlet and outlet manifolds for safe filling and draining
    • Ballast system for securing the liner in the tank before filling
    • Access and viewing platforms for ingress/egress or monitoring/observation
    • Transfer pumps for efficient water pumping into and between above ground water tanks
    • Geomembrane covers for evaporation control
    • Leak detection, re-circulation and monitoring systems
    • Water delivery and discharge management

    Aquamate Can Mobilise Anywhere, Anytime

    Our 30 year history encompasses the installation of water storage tanks in remote areas, often hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town or station. With Field Service personnel operating out of Moomba, South Australia, Aquamate are capable of mobilising anywhere in continental Australia. Working within short lead times, no project is too remote.

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