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    The corrugated galvanised water tank is an enduring image of the Australian landscape. Like anything that has been around for over 100 years, there are solid reasons for its longevity. Aquamate realised a long time ago that galvanised corrugated steel was the ideal building material to contain the significant pressures produced by large volume water storage, as well as providing the highest level of corrosion protection. Using galvanised steel walls enables Aquamate to offer a unique 20 year warranty without the hassle and cost of servicing or replacing anodes, unlike Zincalume® coated tanks.

    What makes an Aquamate large water tank different?

    1920x935 Bolting

    Galvanised Tank Shell

    The combination of lightweight steel and heavy duty galvanising make Aquamate tanks shells perfectly suited to water storage. By using lightweight thin-gauge steel panels, Aquamate’s tanks have all of the required strength without the excess cost. All tank panels are coated with a heavy galvanised layer, with three times the coating weight of typical zinc-aluminium alloy coatings.

    Aquamate Geomembrane Check

    Flexible Polyolefin Tank Liner

    Aquamate use a specially blended polymer for all of our tank liners. The unsupported polyolefin that Aquamate use is flexible, resistant to fatigue cracking and super stretchy – all things you need for a durable water tank. Manufactured in-house at Aquamate’s state-of-the-art production facility in South Australia, the quality of our tank liners is the reason we can offer a 20 year no-leaks guarantee.

    What size water tanks are available?

    Standard Tank Range – 2.2m Tank Shell Height

    Model Code Tank Diameter Nominal Volume
    AM3G052 3.7m 23,900L
    AM3G076 4.5m 34,400L
    AM3G103 5.2m 46,800L
    AM3G134 5.9m 61,100L
    AM3G170 6.7m 77,300L
    AM3G210 7.4m 95,500L
    AM3G254 8.2m 115,500L
    AM3G302 8.9m 137,400L
    AM3G355 9.7m 161,300L
    AM3G411 10.4m 187,100L
    AM3G472 11.1m 214,700L
    AM3G537 11.9m 244,300L
    AM3G607 12.6m 275,800L

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    What’s included in an Aquamate rural water tank?


    What options are available for my large water tank?


    Aquamate galvanised water tank colour range

    All of Aquamate’s water tank shells are supplied with a Z450 (450 grams per square metre) galvanised coating. We offer three colours options as part of our standard colour range, also a range of non-standard colours.

    • Plain Galvanised | Standard Finish

    • Mist Green | Aquamate Colour Option

    • Slate Grey | Aquamate Colour Option

    • Merino Cream | Aquamate Colour Option

    • Gun Metal Grey | Aquamate Colour Option

    • Moss Vale Sand | Premium Colour Option

    • Off White | Premium Colour Option

    • Gull Grey | Premium Colour Option

    • Mountain Blue | Premium Colour Option

    • Granite | Premium Colour Option

    • Smooth Cream | Premium Colour Option

    • Birch | Premium Colour Option

    • River Reed | Premium Colour Option

    • Driftwood | Premium Colour Option

    • Armor Grey | Premium Colour Option

    • Dust Red | Premium Colour Option

    • Caulfield Green | Premium Colour Option

    • Banyan Brown | Premium Colour Option

    • Dark Stone | Premium Colour Option

    • Heritage Red | Premium Colour Option

    • Cobblestone | Premium Colour Option

    • Ebony | Premium Colour Option

    • Wild Sage | Premium Colour Option

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