Water and Wastewater Treatment Tanks


Aquamate provide a range of water tanks for storage of raw and treated water for all applications

Chemically Resistant Geomembrane Liners to Suit All Requirements

As standard, Aquamate tanks for water treatment applications come with chemically resistant liners suitable for large range of pH levels.

For highly specialised applications such as elevated temperature or non-water based fluids, Aquamate can provide custom liners based on your project requirements.

Custom Tanks to Suit All Water Treatment Process Requirements

Aquamate offer a range of custom accessories to successfully integrate our water tanks with your water treatment processes. Aquamate also supply a range of Stainless Steel and Polyethylene fittings to withstand corrosive fluids, internal baffles for increased contact time and high flow inlets and outlets.

Tank Diameter Nominal Volume
2.2m tall 2.9m tall 3.6m tall 4.3m tall 5.0m tall 5.6m tall
3.9m 26.4kL 34.6kL 42.8kL
5.2m 46.8kL 61.5kL 76.1kL 90.6kL 105kL
6.5m 73.3kL 96.1kL 119kL 141kL 164kL 187kL
7.8m 106kL 138kL 171kL 204kL 237kL 269kL
9.1m 144kL 188kL 233kL 278kL 322kL 367kL
10.4m 187kL 246kL 304kL 363kL 421kL 479kL
11.7m 238kL 311kL 385kL 459kL 533kL 606kL
13.0m 293kL 384kL 475kL 566kL 657kL 748kL

Let Us Help You With Your Water Storage Requirement

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