Tanks for Mains Water & Storm Water Detention



    Storm Water Retention and Main Water Break Tanks

    Registered Break Tanks for Main Water Supply

    Aquamate lined, steel water tanks are ideally suited as back flow prevention devices for mains supply installations in new commercial developments. Our range of water tanks can be configured to be fully compliant with the registered break tank requirements in Australian Standard AS3500 “Plumbing and Drainage”

    Water Tanks for Storm Water Drainage Retention and Distribution

    Aquamate’s range of tanks for storm water retention and distribution are suitable for both gravity and siphonic drainage systems.  Options such as high-flow inlets, staged outlets and large diameter overflows are all part of Aquamate’s range.

    Galvanised Water Tanks at a Competitive Price

    Aquamate offer a standard range of water tank sizes for use in both mains water and drainage applications. Our standard range means we can offer the highest quality tank on the market at the most competitive price. As standard, Aquamate tanks are supplied and installed with liners suitable for chlorinated and chloraminated disinfected mains water.

    Tanks can also be custom configured to suit your application; taller tanks for small space requirements or shorter for installation within basements or beneath existing structures.

    Aquamate’s range of water tanks for mains supply and storm water collection can be supplied in a range of colours to match existing infrastructure or new developments. You can view the available colour range here.

    Tank Diameter Nominal Volume
    2.2m tall 2.9m tall 3.6m tall 4.3m tall 5.0m tall 5.6m tall
    3.9m 26.4kL 34.6kL 42.8kL
    5.2m 46.8kL 61.5kL 76.1kL 90.6kL 105kL
    6.5m 73.3kL 96.1kL 119kL 141kL 164kL 187kL
    7.8m 106kL 138kL 171kL 204kL 237kL 269kL
    9.1m 144kL 188kL 233kL 278kL 322kL 367kL
    10.4m 187kL 246kL 304kL 363kL 421kL 479kL
    11.7m 238kL 311kL 385kL 459kL 533kL 606kL
    13.0m 293kL 384kL 475kL 566kL 657kL 748kL

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