Temporary Spill and Waste Containment



    Aquamate’s temporary spill and waste containment products deliver compliant chemical and hazchem field storage that meets Australian Standards and environmental best practice.

    Bermat® Temporary Spill Containment

    Aquamate’s Temporary Spill Containment mats use air inflated berm walls for easy roll-on and roll-off use

    The unique air inflated wall design allows traffic on and off the containment area while still remaining in service. Deployment is simply a matter of unfolding the Bermat, either by hand or with light duty lifting equipment, then inflating the bund wall via a ¼” quick connect point with ball valve isolation. To relocate, simply deflate the Bermat and fold it for transport between sites for redeployment

    Excellent Chemical Resistance

    The Aquamate Bermat™ is made from Enviro Liner™ Geomembrane material for optimal resistance to a wide range of hazardous substances. Strong chemical resistance means that you can be confident of retaining liquid in the event of a spill. Bermats™ can also be supplied with a textured Enviro Liner™ Geomembrane providing a non-slip surface if required.

    Custom Sizing Available

    Bermats can be custom sized according to application, storage area and volume requirements.

    Containment areas can be factory fabricated to any size up to 1,500m². All Bermats are packaged in the factory ready for safe, efficient deployment on site. Larger Bermats can be deployed using light duty lifting equipment; loader cranes, forklifts, etc.

    Bund walls are typically 150mm – 200mm in height, but can be custom sized to suit any requirements.

    In-Field Repair Kits

    Aquamate knows in-field damage to containment systems can have an enormous impact on day to day operations. The ideal secondary containment maintains integrity while causing as little influence on the speed and accuracy of the work being undertaken. The time and subsequent cost penalty of decommissioning and replacing damaged containment areas can have a huge influence on day-to-day execution of operations. With this in mind, Aquamate offer in-field repair kits to quickly maintain the Geomembrane lining material in the event of small tears. Larger tears can be repaired by Aquamate on-site service technicians.

    Bermat™ Repair kit includes extrusion gun, consumable pack and storage and transport case

    Aquamate Waste Containment Rings

    Aquamate provide waste containment rings for well site waste separation to facilitate beneficial reuse. All containment rings and liners are manufactured at Aquamate’s production facility in Clovelly Park, South Australia.

    Waste containment rings are available in two standard sizes, 6.3m³ and 9.8m³ (nominal capacity), but can be manufactured to specification.

    Aquamate’s waste containment rings are supplied with a flexible polyethylene lining material, developed for the containment of drilling fluids and chemicals, to provide superior containment. Aquamate’s liner has greater resistance to tearing than traditional liners, reducing leakage and liner tears.