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    Aquamate Head Office and Production Facility in Tonsley, South Australia

    Aquamate is a vertically integrated, specialist manufacturer and installer of flexible geomembranes and corrugated steel tanks for agricultural, municipal water and resource applications in Australia and overseas. With over 30 years experience in lined water storage tanks, Aquamate is perfectly positioned to provide the ideal water storage solution for projects across Australia.

    With our water tank manufacturing facility and local sales branch co-located at Tonsley in South Australia, 10km south of the Adelaide CBD, we are ideally positioned to deliver pol-lined galvansied steel water tanks throughout South Australia, Nationwide to our dealers in other states, and our North American business.

    Aquamate Capabilities

    As a vertically integrated water tank manufacturer and installer, Aquamate roll our own steel water tank panels, fabricate our own geomembrane tank liners as well and install our water tanks in South Australia. Watch the video or read more below about Aquamate’s water tank manufacturing capabilities.

    Aquamate Company Policies

    Aquamate is committed to being Australia’s leading large water tank supplier. The following principles guide our relationships with our customers, employees and society: Always act with integrity, Always act in the best interest of the brand, Always lead through innovation and Always put safety above any objective. Read more…


    Geomembrane Fabrication

    Aquamate manufactures water tank liners from high quality geomembrane materials. Our production and field personnel are trained in the correct handling, installation and repair of liners, resulting in improved outcomes on site, essential to upholding our “Zero Leaks” policy.

    We have the unique capability to factory fabricate single piece liners up to 4,000kg. Large panels improve defect rates, decrease installation times and minimise the risk of on-site delays due to inclement weather.

    steel water tank Panel Manufacturing

    Cold-formed Steel Fabrication

    Aquamate roll our own water tank panels from heavy duty galvanised steel coil on site at our Australian production facility. Rolling our own panels means that we can retain complete control of the quality and finish of our products, while offering the best value to our customers. Our internal capabilities also mean we are able to offer custom water tank shells for special projects and replace old corrugated tanks panels.

    Rigorous Processes, Inspection and Testing

    Aquamate has a comprehensive inspection and testing procedure that’s strictly adhered to for all of the tank liners it manufactures.
    Every tank liner undergoes a starlight inspection as part of the production process. The inspection process is perfect for pinpointing even the tiniest of holes in a water tank liner. Aquamate’s inspection and testing program ensures only the highest quality product leaves the factory. Our high quality liners form the basis of our 20 year “No Leaks” warranty.

    Water Tank Installation

    Aquamate distribute our water tanks in South Australia and the Northern Territory with the support of agents across the state, while our products are sold through our dealer network in other states. Our installation teams have been installing poly-lined steel water tanks for decades and Aquamate’s in-house installers act as trainers for other installation teams across Australia. This means that when purchasing an Aquamate water tank from one of our dealers or agents, you can be sure that you’ll receive the same quality across the country, as if Aquamate had undertaken the installation ourselves.

    water tank logistics and warehouse

    Warehousing and Logistics


    Aquamate Policies and Procedures

    As part of our commitment to safety, the environment and the quality of our products, all of Aquamate’s systems are third-part certified to Australian and international standards.

    Zero Harm | Safety First Water Tank Manufacturing

    As a company that is active in both manufacturing and construction environments, Aquamate places the highest priority on ensuring that all employees are safe from injury and risk to health whilst they are at work. This duty of care also applies to private contractors, work experience contract personnel, visitors and the general public whilst on Aquamate premises and construction sites.

    Zero Waste | Environmentally Sustainable Management

    With our products being responsible for the safe storage of one of societies most valuable assets, clean water, we believe that sound environmental performance contributes to our competitive strength and benefits our customers, employees and the wider community. To achieve our environmental goals we are committed to maximising the re-use and recycle-ability of our products.

    Zero Leaks | Quality Water Tank Products, Systems and Processes

    Knowing that our reputation as a water tank manufacturer is built on the quality of the products we diliver, it is Aquamate’s policy to operate our business in a manner that consistently exceeds the quality standards set by the market. Aquamate is committed to continually improving our products, manufacturing and installation processes.

    Our Responsibility to Communities

    Aquamate are conscious of the positive effect they can have on society, both in Australia and overseas. As a manufacturer of water storage products, Aquamate has chosen to focus on assisting remote and developing communities with the supply of clean, sustainable drinking water infrastructure. You can read about some of the initiatives we’re involved in on our blog.