Industrial Water Tanks



    Modular Steel Water Tanks for Industrial Applications

    Aquamate modular steel tanks are available in a range of sizes and configurations, up to 13.0 metres diameter & 750,000 Litres to suit commercial and industrial water tank installations.
    Consisting of bolted steel panels, waterproof steel cover and polyethylene liner, Aquamate modular water storage tanks are designed to be built safely and quickly on site by a small team of trained technicians.

    Aquamate can supply and install a range of custom options including heavy duty liners, auxiliary outlet and interconnection nozzles, sensor & instrumentation ports and valves to suit your water tank project.

    We are also able to manufacture custom sized polymer-lined circular steel panel tanks as one-off’s, including open-top options, for projects where our standard range doesn’t suit your requirements. Although slightly more expensive than our off-the-shelf range, our manufacturing capability and product specialization means that we can competitively supply a water tank that suits your needs.

    0.8mm Corrugated Steel Tank Shell with Z450 Galvanised Coating

    Flexible Polyethylene Liner

    Designed to Loading Codes AS1170 Part 1, 2 & 4 and Steelwork Codes AS4100 & AS4600

    10 Year Warranty as Standard, Extended Warranty Availible

    AS2419.1 & AS2304 compliant options for fire protection systems

    Standard Water Tank Range

    Tank Diameter Nominal Volume
    2.2m tall 2.9m tall 3.6m tall 4.3m tall 5.0m tall 5.6m tall
    3.9m 26.4kL 34.6kL 42.8kL
    5.2m 46.8kL 61.5kL 76.1kL 90.6kL 105kL
    6.5m 73.3kL 96.1kL 119kL 141kL 164kL 187kL
    7.8m 106kL 138kL 171kL 204kL 237kL 269kL
    9.1m 144kL 188kL 233kL 278kL 322kL 367kL
    10.4m 187kL 246kL 304kL 363kL 421kL 479kL
    11.7m 238kL 311kL 385kL 459kL 533kL 606kL
    13.0m 293kL 384kL 475kL 566kL 657kL 748kL

    Aquamate poly-lined bolted steel water tanks are also available in a range of non-standard sizes, or can be custom designed for individual diameters or environmental conditions.

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