105,600L Steel Water Tank




Aquamate 105,600L Steel Water Tank

Aquamate rural water tank feature overview

50mm drain being installed onto and Aquamate water tank

50mm Outlet, 400mm Inlet & 90mm Overflow Fittings

All tanks are supplied with a 50mm outlet with brass ball valve, a 400mm diameter inlet leaf strainer with UV light guard and a 90mm overflow with mosquito screening as standard. On tanks larger than 140kL, the overflow supplied is 150mm diameter.

770mm roof access hatch complying to AS3500

Secure Access and Ladder

Each Aquamate water tank is supplied with a lockable roof access manhole and removable galvanised ladder.

polyethyle moisture barrier being installed underneath an Aquamate water tank

Moisture Barrier

The solid polyethylene moisture barrier protects your tank from rising damp and is designed to last the entire life of your tank.

Aquamate Rainsaver Gutter System

Rain Saver Gutter System

Aquamate “Rainsaver” caps are placed at the end of each roof corrugation to collect the majority of the water before it runs off the tank roof.

Mechanical Level Gauge

Aquamate recommend the Liquidator Level Gauge that uses an internal pulley system so the gauge correctly shows the height of water in your tank.

Aquamaet Galvanised Steel Water Tanks are available in a range of colours

Choice of Colours

Aquamate water tanks are available in a range of colours to match your home or the surroundings. Refer to Aquamate’s Colour Selection Chart for the full range of colours available. Aquamate’s coloured steel tanks still feature it’s industry leading Z450 galvanised steel shell, with the colour applied over the top.

geotextile underlay is an important protection layer for your water tank

Geotextile Underlay

The geotextile cushion layer protects your tank liner from sharp rocks or stones in the base – adding an extra layer of protection to your water storage tank.

foam sealing strip keeps dust and vermin on the outside of your Aquamate water tank

Dust and Vermin Protection

The dust and vermin infill stops small animals and insects entering the tank between the tank wall and roof.

Decorative Facia

Aquamate can install a facia around the perimeter of the tank roof to protect horses from the edge of the roofing iron. It also enhances the appearance of your tank.



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