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Times to Choose a Steel Rainwater Tank Instead of a Poly Tank

The reasons to choose a galvanised steel water tank over a poly tank will depend on your individual situation.

The times that you should consider a poly-lined steel tank are:

1. You don’t want sunlight to split your tank

Unless you intend on replacing your water tank frequently, the lifespan of the tank should be a major consideration.
While most poly tanks are good for 10 years, Aquamate’s galvanised steel tanks are warranted for 20 years

2. You need to store large volumes of water

When choosing between one large tank or several smaller ones remember that multiple tanks will need extra valves, connection pipework and will have more potential leak points.
As a comparison, for 100,000L of storage an Aquamate water tank is around 80% of the price of a decent poly tank alternative.

3. You live in a bush fire prone area

With bush fires being a common occurrence in rural Australia, the fire brigade may need to use your water tank to fight a fire on your property at some point, Can your tank take the heat?
When tested, poly lined steel tanks presented only minor leaks after 30 minutes of direct flame immersion, while poly tanks will melt from just radiant heat

4. Your have limited access to your site

Delivery and installation restrictions can be an important part of your water tank decision. Clear access and remoteness can become important considerations when access is limited.
Aquamate water tanks are delivered in flat pack form on a ute-and-trailer and in most cases can be assembled within a day

Check out more details on our infographic here or contact us to discuss how Aquamate can help you with your water storage needs.

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