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Water is the lifeblood of rural properties.

4 questions to ask when buying a water tank for your farm

Water tanks play an important role on rural properties. Beyond the home, water is needed for gardens, animals and even just washing equipment and vehicles.

Of course, Australia is also renowned for long periods of drought, when managing water supplies can be difficult at best. This is where a large volume water tank can prove an invaluable investment, but what should you look for when purchasing one?

Here are four questions to ask when you’re shopping for a water tank for your farm.

Water tanks can be pretty important for rural parts of Australia.Water tanks are crucial in many rural parts of Australia.

1) How big should the tank be?

There’s really no shortage of size options when it comes to water tanks – you can buy tanks with capacities from as little as a few hundred litres all the way up to several thousand litres. But how big should your water tank be?

To answer this question, you’ve got to think about both your usage and your source of water. If your only source of water is the rainwater that falls on your home and you just use water for your home and watering the garden, chances are you’ll need a water tank that can hold at least a hundred thousand litres. If you have other sources and uses for water such as to irrigate your farm, a much larger capacity tank will be key.

2) Is appearance important?

It’s true – water tanks aren’t always the most exciting things to look at, but they’re designed with a specific purpose. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a tank that’s an eye sore. In fact, you can actually purchase decorative facias that run vertically up the wall of a tank. Facias around the roof can also help to protect horses and other tall animals from injuring themselves on the roofing iron. Choosing the right water tank can add real value to your rural property.

With rainwater gutter systems, you can capture rainfall and funnel it back into your tank.

3) Do I want to collect rainfall that lands on my tank roof?

It doesn’t rain very often in many parts of Australia – but when it does you want to be sure the water doesn’t just run onto the ground. If you choose a tank with a rainwater gutter system, you can capture rainfall and funnel it back into your tank.

Tanks with corrugated roofing can have Rainsavers placed around the edge of the roof to collect rainfall. Even in a low rainfall area, the Rainsavers can catch you thousands of litres of water every year!

4) Is dust a problem?

In many rural parts of Australia, dust is a pretty big problem. When it gets into your water tank, there can understandably be issues with water quality. Soft foam strips may be required here, sitting between roofing material and the top of the tank wall.

When you buy a water tank, you want to be sure you’ve selected one that’s going to last you the long haul. Get in touch with Aquamate today if you’d like to learn more.


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